Aerial Yoga: Stretching, Balance & Strength

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If you are looking for a way to develop strength, balance and flexibility away from the pole then Aerial yoga which is a combination of Pilates and strength training might be worth a go.

Aerial yoga is being dubbed as one of the latest fitness trends to hit the UK. It basically involves hanging upside down in hammocks or silks suspended from the ceiling and performing yoga poses. Part of the reason for its growing popularity is being put down to people wanting to try something different.

In an interview with the Scotsman, Hanson, who has been teaching yoga for over 30 years explained that: “There’s also the more general feeling of being supported and being able to stretch, and that’s a brilliant feeling. It’s also fun. You can do things you wouldn’t normally dare to, such as stand on your head and hang by your feet. And you feel really good afterwards.”

As with any latest fitness trend it has its celebrity following including Carey and Pink. You probably won't be surprised that aerial yoga was created by a dancer and aerial silks performer Michelle Dortignac.

For poleistas it can provide a great stretching work out as well as helping develop your balance and flexibility, and if you've ever fancied giving the silks a go it can be a great starting point as you can get used to what it feels like doing poses suspended off the ground.

This video shows some of the intermediate to advanced stretching moves you can get into with aerial yoga once you're experienced

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1) reverse BOW pose belly up, bind hands to feet
2) one-legged PIGEON pose bind to ankle/shin or hook elbow to knee
3) full KING PIGEON pose 1-legged bind hand to foot
4) SCORPION handstand hands on ground
5) KAPOTASANA deep backbend 2-legged hands to feet
6) BOUND ANGLE BUTTERFLY palms interlaced behind back
8) BOW pose belly down feet on swing supports ankle bind
9) INVERTED HANG core balance straight arms
10) PLOW pose inverted pike balance

Have you tried aerial yoga? And do you think it has helped your pole skills?

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