Pole Dancing Poles

X-Pole Xpert Spinning Dance Pole Compare Prices on the X-Pole Xpert and find the UK's most popular poles at the best price.
X-Pole Sport Portable Dance Pole The X-Pole Sport is great for serious beginners who want a pole that will support advanced tricks.
Carmen Electra Pole Compare Prices on the Carmen Electra Dance Pole.
Pole Dance Crash Mats Break your fall with a pole dance crash mat
Pole Dance Crash Mats Learn pole dancing at home with Pole Dance DVD Lessons
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Most Popular Dance Poles

X-Pole XPERT - Chrome 50mm

We are not surprised that the Xpole Xpert is one of the UKs best sellers. It is a high quality, sturdy, spinning and static pole that is portable and is really easy to put up and take down, you don't even need a ladder. It is loved by beginners and experienced dancers alike and is great for pole tricks and spins.

More info on the Xpole Xpert Dance Pole

X-Pole SPORT - Chrome 50mm

The X-pole Sport is another of our favourite dance poles. It is great for beginners or those you are looking for a high quality, sturdy pole at a cheap price. It is bottom loading so you don’t need a ladder to take it up and down. If you are serious about pole dancing this is a top choice for a first pole and is strong enough to support advanced tricks like inverts.

3 Carmen Electra Dance Pole

Carmen Electra Dance Pole

The Carmen Electra Stripper Pole was designed by Peekaboo for beginner pole dancers. It is a cheap pole that is suitable for basic pole dancing, stripper moves and floor work. It is perfect for some hen party fun or makes a flirty Valentines Day gift.


X-Pole Sport - Gold Titanium 50mm

The Gold X-pole Sport is great if you are wanting something with a bit of bling. It is also a top choice for beginner dancers who are serious about pole dancing and need a sturdy pole that will support advanced tricks but who do not want to spin.

5 Platinum Stages Removable Pole

Platinum Stages Multi Piece Removable Pole

Platinum Stages Dance Poles are one of the top sellers in the US. Freshly launched in the UK they are already gaining acclaim. Their removable multi-piece pole is completely portable and 100% non-invasive. They are going to be a serious contender to X-Pole's UK popularity.